Late Penalty

  • One (1) Pound per minute, includes reducing big bass.

  • 15 minutes late results in a disqualification

Dead Fish Penalty

  • 4 ounces (.25 lb) penalty for each dead fish

Short Fish Penalty

  • One (1) Pound penalty per short fish presented, only legal fish can be weighed

Added Weights

  • Anglers who present fish at the verification table with fin clips will be assessed a 1/4 lb penalty per clip. No manmade or foreign object connected to a bass will be weighed and will be removed by tournament officials. A cull tag can be used to mark biggest fish and be removed at big fish selection.

Six Fish Penalty

  • Any time that six fish are accidentally or intentionally brought to the scale as witnessed by the tournament weigh master, one fish will be removed/culled by the anglers and a two pound (2 lb) penalty will be additionally assessed.

In the event of a tie:

  • Whichever team weighed the biggest bass for the day will win the tiebreak.
  • In a two day event such as the State Championship, the biggest bag will be the tie break.