Conference Format

Conference Tournaments are the pathway to reaching the State Championship. Teams fishing within their conference are fishing for their 5 biggest bass. 

At the end of the tournament, the team with the biggest bag of fish will be the winner of the tournament. The winner will receive 100 points towards conference standings. The second place team will receive 99, third place will receive 98, and so on. 

Ties in weight will be decided by their biggest bass of the day.  It is important to weigh your biggest bass of the day for this reason regardless of if it is big enough to win the biggest bass prize for the day.

Points will continue down until the minimum of 65. Any teams that participated in the tournament will receive 65 points regardless of their final weight or weighed in a fish at all. In the case of a smaller conference, all teams will be ranked by weight receiving their points by ranking. All teams that fish but do not weigh a fish will all receive the same last place point total. These participation points help maintain competitive balance.

All teams not participating in the team from the conference receive zero points for that event.

Ties in points will be decided by the biggest bag of each team throughout the season. These tiebreaks will only be calculated after the final tournament in the series has been completed.